Fragrance of The Month: May 2014

It’s already May and that means it’s time for another Fragrance of The Month!

Fragrance of The Month // Monticello Pom | the white dahlia

This month we are inspired by this warm, almost summer-like weather. Which is why we chose our Monticello Pomegranate fragrance part of our Fairfax & King collection by Found Goods Market/ DPM Fragrance!

Fragrance of The Month // Monticello Pom | the white dahlia

Monticello Pomegranate is filled with the essence of pomegranate, lemongrass, rose and tart grapefruit – all things that scream spring and summer!

3wick Bowl // Monticello Pom | the white dahlia

This scent is great because it’s a bold fragrance that will fill the room without being overpowering. Also, our favorite part about the candles by Found Goods Market is that everything is made from recycled glass so it’s super eco-friendly.

Diffuser // Monticello Pom | the white dahlia

This fragrance is available in the Glass Reed Diffusser, 3-wick Glass Bowl, Boxed Tumbler and the Soap Bar with Shea butter!

Boxed Tumbler // Monticello Pom | the white dahlia

Soap Bar // Monticello Pom | the white dahlia

Which style will you try?! Get 10% OFF this fragrance all month long when you enter code: MPFOTM at checkout on our website!

Fragrance of The Month // Monticello Pom | the white dahlia

Found Good Market Fragrance of The Month // Monticello Pom | the white dahlia

Fragrance of The Month // Monticello Pom | the white dahlia

Photos by: The White Dahlia


Easter Flower Guide

It’s that time! Time to share our go-to holiday florals. This time, Easter.

Easter Flower Guide | the white dahlia

1. Tulips: We love colorful tulips for Easter; think yellow, pink, and purple.
2. Lilac: Lilac isn’t in season long, so when it is we like to use it as much as possible! It has a beautiful purple hue and a sweet fragrance that is amazing.
3. Daffodils: You really can’t fully enjoy spring without garnishing the house with this iconic spring flower.
4. Sweet Peas: Like lilac, sweet peas have a short season so we love using them when we can. They too have an intoxicating smell and beautiful vibrant color. We also love their wildflower look.

For pricing or to order Easter bunches and arrangements be sure to visit our website or email us for a quote!

Our New Column! Flower of The Month…

Flower of The Month: Daffodil | the white dahlia

We’ve decided to add a new monthly column that we are so excited about! We’ll now share with you our favorite flowers for the month, each month.

Flower of The Month: Daffodil | the white dahlia

We’ll start this off with a springtime classic, Daffodils!

Daffodils grow from a bulb and come in various color varieties from white to yellow and even deep orange.

Flower of The Month: Daffodil | the white dahlia

 Cut daffodils will last longer in room temperature shallow water and be sure to cut the stems at an angle for better water absorption. Cut flower food will help prolong the life of daffodils (we recommend using 1/4-1/2 a pack with each water change). Also, cutting the stems with each water change will help prolong the life of your daffodils.

We are so excited to enjoy these gorgeous spring flowers while they’re in season!
What is your favorite flower for April?

Photos By: The White Dahlia

Pins We Love: Loving The Outdoors

April has us craving the outdoors more! We love the lush green gardens and the salty sea air – also, we’ve been pinning like mad. See our favorite pins right now…

Beach Ride Outdoors | the white dahlia blog such a cool beach ride

Colorful Outdoors | the white dahlia blogCrazy colorful steps in Lebanon found here

Comfy Outdoors | the white dahlia blog

Comfy Outdoors found here

Garden Outdoors via seen and said | the white dahlia blogAmazing lush garden found here

Wedding Outdoors | the white dahlia blog Gorgeous outdoor wedding found here

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April Fragrance of The Month

Fragrance of The Month: Mandarin Mint | the white dahlia

Wow, we almost can’t believe it’s already April! We are so excited about this months fragrance because it’s one of our favorites – Mandarin Mint! 

Mandarin Mint is a delicious blend of mango, nectarine, vanilla and mint; the perfect springtime citrus blend!

Fragrance of The Month: Mandarin Mint | the white dahlia

This fragrance is part of our Reserve Collection by Aspen Bay Candles! As always, these candles are hand poured with a premium soy-wax blend that burns slow so your candle will last longer than any other candle out there! It’s available in four different sizes so there’s an option for any and every room in the house!

Reserve Signature Jar | Mandarin Mint | the white dahlia

Our Signature Jar is made of recycled glass that illuminates beautifully when lit. It’s 21oz and burns for over 80 hours. Our best selling size!

Boxed Tumbler | Mandarin Mint | the white dahlia

Also made from recycled glass, the Boxed Tumbler will fit into any decor. They burn for 30 hours and make the perfect (and affordable) gift for any occasion!

Mercury Teardrop Votive| Mandarin Mint | the white dahlia

Our absolute favorite style! The Mercury Teardrop Votive is absolutely stunning and burns beautifully. We also love reusing this votive for purposes all over the house (see how to reuse it here). Burns for 25 hours.

Reserve Silver Tin | Mandarin  Mint | the white dahlia

The Reserve Silver Tin comes in a beautiful tin container topped with an ornate detailed lid. Perfect for traveling and the tin can also be reused as a little trinket holder! Burns for 30 hours.

It’s time to get yourself a new springtime fragrance so, which size will you try?! Click here to shop all our candles.

Photos by: The White Dahlia


Reuse: Candle Containers

Reuse: Candle Glass Containers | the white dahlia

One of our favorite things to do with our burned out candle containers is to reuse and repurpose them for almost anything! Today, were going to show you some of our favorite ways to repurpose these candle containers, using the candles from our collection online!

Reuse: Candle Glass Containers | the white dahlia

We love reusing these beauties as simple yet interested floral vases! They each look absolutely stunning and hold there own unique story.

Reuse: Fairfax & King Tumbler | the white dahlia
Reuse: Shot Glass Votive | the white dahlia
Reuse: Mercury Teardrop | the white dahlia

Okay, we know what you’re thinking. You’re already up to your waist in floral vases. Well, you can repurpose these candle containers for so many other uses around the house too. Hello, bathroom decor!

Reuse: Mercury Teardrop | the white dahlia


Fill the empty container with cotton balls and q-tips for gorgeous and unique bathroom decor! We are obsessing over that Mercury Teardrop Votive filled with q-tips!

So what do you do?

Supplies | The White Dahlia

The Supplies:

Frozen Candle
Kitchen Knife
Tea Towel (for grip)


Place finished candle in the freezer for 4-6 hours, until frozen, overnight is best.
Once frozen, use your tea towel to grip the candle and use the kitchen knife as leverage to “pop” the unused wax out of the candle container. (Make sure the wax and container are completely hard and frozen)
Wash and dry your container and Voila! You are ready you reuse your candle containers!

Will you be trying this super easy way to repurpose your candle containers? You can shop our collection online to get the exact looks shown above! Leave us a comment letting us know how it goes!

Photos By: The White Dahlia

Its Spring! Get Your Garden On!

We’ve been rejoicing that its spring and showing our garden some major love! Our hands are dirty for sure.

Have you been in your garden yet? If not, its still early so don’t worry! We’ve complied a few items from our collection that we think will help give your home and garden a fresh look for the new season…

Spring Doormats | the white dahlia

We’ve got doormats in multiple sizes, colors and styles so you are sure to find one that is perfect for your home. Our favorite right now is the Geo Diamond Doormat – we love the vibrant teal hue!

Trying to get your hands dirty? We’ve also got some awesome pots and planters to dress up your new spring flowers.

Pots + Planters | the white dahlia

Our Garden Pots Assortment is a trio of two-toned ceramic containers with the words “Herb” “Bloom” & “Grow” etched onto the tops. These are perfect for plants 4-6″ in size.

Our Tin Planters with Chalkboards are another adorable trio, this time made of tin (instead of ceramic) and they are available in tiered sizes – 4″, 5″, and 6″. The best part? They have chalkboards attached so you never forget the name of whatever it is you planted! BONUS!

Chalkboard Signs | the white dahlia

In the case you have too many things to label, we’ve got you covered there too. Our Wooden Chalkboard Signs are perfect to help you remember which herbs and flowers are which! A set of 6 for $15 (chalk included)!

Stoneware Birds | the white dahlia

Now your flowers need buddies right?! Our Teal Stoneware birds are the perfect company in your new spring garden!

Visit our website now until the end of the month and you’ll  save 25% on your new garden goodies just by using the code: SPRING at checkout on our website –

Happy Shopping!…

Pins We Love: Bud Vase Arrangements

Happy Spring! We are so excited about this time of year! Something we are going to try this spring is the up-cycling of glass bottles. We are seeing more and more of this lately (and really loving it!), mixing and matching them to make a cluster of vases into a beautiful arrangement of flowers!

betterhomesandgardens We love the simplicity of just using foliage. // via Better Homes and Gardens

Bud Vases Lining vases in a window = amazing! // via lilibaba

Poppies | the white dahlia

eatdrinkchicBeautiful use of different size and color glass bottles. // via Eat Drink Chic

alamodemontreal Love all  the color! // via A La Mode Montreal

What do you all think of this trend? Is it something you would try??

St. Patricks Day Flower Guide

Whether you’re throwing a celebration with friends or celebrating alone, flowers are always a must! We’ve compiled a few of our favorite go-to florals for St. Patricks Day.

St Patricks Day Flower Guide | the white dahlia

The Best Flowers For: St. Patty’s Day

1.Solidaster: We love this as a filler or by itself. Its like green foliage with little specks of gold!
2.Daffodils: These remind us of that little pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Perfect for garnishing any table.
3.Yellow Tulips: That pot of gold we just mentioned, yellow tulips are a great second option for that.
4.Bells of Ireland: Bells of Ireland…Need we say more?

What do you guys think? Will you use any of these for your parties??

Fragrance of The Month: March 2014

Fragrance of The Month: Botanical Garden | the white dahliaWhen we think of the month March we can’t help but get eager about spring gardening. Thats why this month we chose our Botanical Garden fragrance from our Fairfax & King Collection by Found Goods Market. This is an enchanting blend of fresh picked herbs, rose petal, lily and green grass. (PLUS how cute are our Teal Stoneware Birds??)

Botanical Garden | the white dahlia

We love this collection because it has such an old-time vintage feel. The entire line is actually inspired by the interesting glass and boxes that would have lined the shelves of a historic apothecary.

This fragrance is available in two styles. Our 3-wick Glass bowl and Boxed Tumbler.

Recycled Glass Bowl | the white dahlia

3-wick Glass Bowl: The beautiful 10oz candle bowl features a thick wall of recycled glass. The bowl is finished off with a rich wax seal and colorful dustcover.

Boxed Tumbler | the white dahlia

Boxed Tumbler: The 13 oz recycled glass tumbler burns for over 80 hours and comes beautifully packaged in a rustic wooden box.

Which style will you try??

Photos By: The White Dahlia

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