Merry Christmas To You

Merry Christmas from us at The White Dahlia to you!

Merry Christmas | the white dahlia

We hope your Christmas is filled with love, laughter and tons of holiday JOY!



First Day of Hanukkah…

Happy First Day of Hanukkah! If this is your holiday – enjoy these next 8 days!

KEEP CALM HUNAKKUH | the white dahlia


xo The White Dahlia


Keep Calm print for purchase here.

Holiday Gift Wrap | FREE PRINTABLE

Free Printable Gift Wrap | the white dahlia

Well, you’ve survived the crowds on Black Friday, Saturday, Sunday and yes, Monday – and you’ve officially drained out your bank account – so it must be the holidays!

At least you wont have to buy gift wrap (which is great because you totes didn’t even think about this minor detail, right?!). Fear not little elves, because we over here at The White Dahlia has curated some truly amazing free printable gift wrap so you can now wrap, tape and tie your gifts with the same amount of love you’ve given every step of the process thus far.

Silver Tin & Free Printable Gift Wrap | the white dahlia

All you have to do is download your favorite design (or all of them if you’re the variety type), print ’em out and wrap your gift up!


It’s That Easy! We love the Holiday Reindeer and Snowflakes!

Download the Reindeer Gift Wrap here.

Free Printable_ Reindeer Holiday Wrap_thewhitedahlia

Download the Greetings Gift Wrap here.

Free Printable _Sayings Holiday Wrap_thewhitedahlia

Download the Snowflakes Gift Wrap here.

Free Printable _ Snowflake Holiday Wrap_thewhitedahlia

Free Printable Holiday Gift Wrap | the white dahlia

Which will you choose?

Photos and Design by: The White Dahlia

Wishing Everyone a Safe and Happy Halloween!

How fast is this year flying by? Seriously, tomorrow is already Halloween? We hope all you ghosts and goblins have a wicked holiday but before we send you off with the little ones for a trick-or-treat whirlwind we offer these important safety tips. (source: Cleveland Children’s Clinic).

Keep it happy and safe!

Halloween Safety Tips | the white dahlia

Fourth of July (Dessert) Ideas

Trying to source all the awesome fourth of July ideas from pinterest and realizing most of them were, err um, desserts. Well we’re running with this sweet tooth and bringing you our super sweet fourth of July party dessert ideas. After all, dessert is the most important meal of the day, right?!

Fourth of July | the white dahlia How awesome are these free printable ice cream cup wrappers? found here.

Fourth of July | the white dahlia | popsicle cakes These super cool ice cream cake “pops”. found on Studio DIY here

Fourth of July Dessert | the white dahlia Also, this super awesome flag cake. found here

Fourth of July | the white dahlia And napkins to eat and clean it all up with! found here

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Mothers Day Greeting Card Printable

Mothers Day Greeting Card Printable | the white dahliaMothers Day is literally around the corner and we’ve got these super cool FREE printable greeting cards for Mothers Day that will add the perfect touch of love to your gift for mom. Its the perfect last minute detail!

Mothers Day Greeting Card Printable | the white dahlia

All you need is to download the template of your choice below. Print it out onto a semi heavy card-stock. Score + fold card-stock in half and fill inside with a handwritten heartfelt message to mom.

Mothers Day Greeting Card Printable | the white dahlia

Mothers Day Greeting Card Printable | the white dahliaWhich style will you choose for mom?

Mothers Day Greeting Card Printable | the white dahlia
Mothers Day Greeting Card Printable | the white dahliaDownload the Num 1 Mom card here

Mothers Day Greeting Card Printable | the white dahlia Download the Opaque Floral Card here

blueMDcardDownload the Blue Floral card here

Shop gifts for mom on our website here.

Photos by: The White Dahlia | Design by: The White Dahlia

Cinco De Mayo

Happy Cinco De Mayo everybody!! Hoping you didn’t party too hard over the weekend and still have some party left in you for today!

Here are some of our favorite Cinco de Mayo party ideas from around the web…

Tequila Bar via Wedding Chicks | the white dahlia What is a good party without an awesome tequila bar.

Edible Margaritas via Fruetcake | the white dahlia Also a necessity, tequila in the form of edible margarita cupcakes.

Edible Flag via Spoonful | the white dahlia To sober you up… an edible flag.

Now for decor…

Gold Pinata Makeover | the white dahlia Loving this DIY gold pinata makeover.

Photobooth Printables via Crafting By Denise | the white dahliaAnd it seems like no party is complete nowadays without a photo-booth! props found here.

We hope you all have a fun filled Cinco De Mayo! Do you think you’ll use any of these last minute party ideas??

The Real Deal Cinco De Mayo Margarita!

The REAL DEAL Cinco De Mayo | the white dahlia

We named this margarita The Real Deal because it’s just that!

Every Cinco de Drinko party (see what we did there?) needs a killer margarita and this one is positively a good choice. Seriously, this margarita is not for the lightweight and it will get the party started (haha)!

The REAL DEAL Cinco De Mayo | the white dahlia

No margarita mix needed here…

What you’ll need:

2oz gold tequila (use 1.5oz if you’d prefer to start slow)
1oz triple sec
Juice from 2 limes

The REAL DEAL Cinco De Mayo | the white dahlia

What to do:
In a cocktail shaker combine the tequila, triple sec and lime juice and shake for 45 seconds. Rim a margarita glass with salt. Add crushed ice cubes. Pour margarita mixture over ice and enjoy!

The REAL DEAL Cinco De Mayo | the white dahlia

Recipe by: The White Dahlia | Photos by: The White Dahlia

*remember to drink responsibly and always have a designated driver!

Easter Flower Guide

It’s that time! Time to share our go-to holiday florals. This time, Easter.

Easter Flower Guide | the white dahlia

1. Tulips: We love colorful tulips for Easter; think yellow, pink, and purple.
2. Lilac: Lilac isn’t in season long, so when it is we like to use it as much as possible! It has a beautiful purple hue and a sweet fragrance that is amazing.
3. Daffodils: You really can’t fully enjoy spring without garnishing the house with this iconic spring flower.
4. Sweet Peas: Like lilac, sweet peas have a short season so we love using them when we can. They too have an intoxicating smell and beautiful vibrant color. We also love their wildflower look.

For pricing or to order Easter bunches and arrangements be sure to visit our website or email us for a quote!

Dont Get Fooled!

Happy April Fools Day everyone! We think this is such a fun holiday; being able to play little tricks on friends and family for everyone to get a good laugh. Heres a few of our favorite tricks…

April Fools Day Prank | the white dahlia

April Fools Day via Oh Happy Day | the white dahliaLunch Prank Via Oh Happy Day

April Fools Prank Doughnut Seeds via Leanette Designs | the white dahlia Doughnut Seeds Via Leanette Designs on etsy

Happy pranking…

What are some of your favorite pranks? We’d love to know in the comments!


* we could not find the source for every image, if you know it please let us know and we will update!



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