April Fragrance of The Month

Fragrance of The Month: Mandarin Mint | the white dahlia

Wow, we almost can’t believe it’s already April! We are so excited about this months fragrance because it’s one of our favorites – Mandarin Mint! 

Mandarin Mint is a delicious blend of mango, nectarine, vanilla and mint; the perfect springtime citrus blend!

Fragrance of The Month: Mandarin Mint | the white dahlia

This fragrance is part of our Reserve Collection by Aspen Bay Candles! As always, these candles are hand poured with a premium soy-wax blend that burns slow so your candle will last longer than any other candle out there! It’s available in four different sizes so there’s an option for any and every room in the house!

Reserve Signature Jar | Mandarin Mint | the white dahlia

Our Signature Jar is made of recycled glass that illuminates beautifully when lit. It’s 21oz and burns for over 80 hours. Our best selling size!

Boxed Tumbler | Mandarin Mint | the white dahlia

Also made from recycled glass, the Boxed Tumbler will fit into any decor. They burn for 30 hours and make the perfect (and affordable) gift for any occasion!

Mercury Teardrop Votive| Mandarin Mint | the white dahlia

Our absolute favorite style! The Mercury Teardrop Votive is absolutely stunning and burns beautifully. We also love reusing this votive for purposes all over the house (see how to reuse it here). Burns for 25 hours.

Reserve Silver Tin | Mandarin  Mint | the white dahlia

The Reserve Silver Tin comes in a beautiful tin container topped with an ornate detailed lid. Perfect for traveling and the tin can also be reused as a little trinket holder! Burns for 30 hours.

It’s time to get yourself a new springtime fragrance so, which size will you try?! Click here to shop all our candles.

Photos by: The White Dahlia



Reuse: Candle Containers

Reuse: Candle Glass Containers | the white dahlia

One of our favorite things to do with our burned out candle containers is to reuse and repurpose them for almost anything! Today, were going to show you some of our favorite ways to repurpose these candle containers, using the candles from our collection online!

Reuse: Candle Glass Containers | the white dahlia

We love reusing these beauties as simple yet interested floral vases! They each look absolutely stunning and hold there own unique story.

Reuse: Fairfax & King Tumbler | the white dahlia
Reuse: Shot Glass Votive | the white dahlia
Reuse: Mercury Teardrop | the white dahlia

Okay, we know what you’re thinking. You’re already up to your waist in floral vases. Well, you can repurpose these candle containers for so many other uses around the house too. Hello, bathroom decor!

Reuse: Mercury Teardrop | the white dahlia


Fill the empty container with cotton balls and q-tips for gorgeous and unique bathroom decor! We are obsessing over that Mercury Teardrop Votive filled with q-tips!

So what do you do?

Supplies | The White Dahlia

The Supplies:

Frozen Candle
Kitchen Knife
Tea Towel (for grip)


Place finished candle in the freezer for 4-6 hours, until frozen, overnight is best.
Once frozen, use your tea towel to grip the candle and use the kitchen knife as leverage to “pop” the unused wax out of the candle container. (Make sure the wax and container are completely hard and frozen)
Wash and dry your container and Voila! You are ready you reuse your candle containers!

Will you be trying this super easy way to repurpose your candle containers? You can shop our collection online to get the exact looks shown above! Leave us a comment letting us know how it goes!

Photos By: The White Dahlia

Fragrance of The Month: March 2014

Fragrance of The Month: Botanical Garden | the white dahliaWhen we think of the month March we can’t help but get eager about spring gardening. Thats why this month we chose our Botanical Garden fragrance from our Fairfax & King Collection by Found Goods Market. This is an enchanting blend of fresh picked herbs, rose petal, lily and green grass. (PLUS how cute are our Teal Stoneware Birds??)

Botanical Garden | the white dahlia

We love this collection because it has such an old-time vintage feel. The entire line is actually inspired by the interesting glass and boxes that would have lined the shelves of a historic apothecary.

This fragrance is available in two styles. Our 3-wick Glass bowl and Boxed Tumbler.

Recycled Glass Bowl | the white dahlia

3-wick Glass Bowl: The beautiful 10oz candle bowl features a thick wall of recycled glass. The bowl is finished off with a rich wax seal and colorful dustcover.

Boxed Tumbler | the white dahlia

Boxed Tumbler: The 13 oz recycled glass tumbler burns for over 80 hours and comes beautifully packaged in a rustic wooden box.

Which style will you try??

Photos By: The White Dahlia

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

For some, Valentines Day is stressful; Which flowers should I  buy? Is it too soon for roses? They cost how much ?!!

We at, The White Dahlia would really like to make this holiday less scary and stressful so we can all focus on the true meaning of Valentines Day. Love. Love. and MORE Love! Now, if you don’t have a significant other that doesn’t mean you can’t partake in a little L-O-V-E either; give gifts to family, friends or even take a chance and show that other single cutie what you’ve got to offer (you never know!). Our website has some great options BIG and SMALL!

Red Roses | the white dahliaRed Roses are a classic; but don’t feel you HAVE to get these for your lady – especially if your relationship is new and you’re not sure about sending the wrong message. Get the roses for your wife and that girl you just can’t live without. Know her favorite flower? BONUS if you add it to the rose bouquet!

True Love Tulip & Rose | the white dahia
Simply Calla | the white dahlia You can also get a mixed arrangement like the first image above that has roses in it, but isn’t overpowered with them. Get her flowers that will last a while, like tulips or ranunculus and also be sure to add some fragrance. Or scale it down even more by getting just a small simple bunch of flowers or arrangement, like the one right above, for a new relationship or as an add-on to your additional gifts!

Silver Tin | the white dahlia

Candles make a great gift also! Try our Fragrance of The Month: Black Gardenia, for an intoxicating floral fragrance that anyone is sure to love.

Stoneware Frame | the white dahlia Do you have a favorite picture of you and your sweetheart? Pop it in one of our Stoneware Frames and you’ve got yourself an adorable, thoughtful and easy Valentines Day gift! (and for under $30)

We hope this guide helps make your Valentines Day a little less stressful, now go out there and show your honey some LOVE ❤

Fragrance of The Month: February 2014

February Fragrance of The Month | Black Gardenia | the white dahlia
Since the month of February is ALL about love, romance and (oh yeah) flowers we thought what better scent for our Fragrance of The Month then Black Gardenia?! This fragrance is part of our Reserve Collection by Aspen Bay Candles and is absolutely amazing!

February Fragrance of The Month | Black Gardenia | the white dahlia

The intoxicating floral fragrance of these hand-poured soy candles will last longer than any flowers bought on Valentines Day (if we do say so ourselves). An absolute must have.

Signature Jar | Black Gardenia | the white dahlia

Our Signature Jar burns for over 80 hours and is topped with a beautiful ornate lid.

Teardrop Votive |February Fragrance of The Month | Black Gardenia | the white dahlia

How gorgeous is the Mercury Teardrop Glass Votive?

Boxed Tumber | the white dahlia

Our Boxed Tumbler is the perfect small simple candle for any room. Burns for 40+ hours!

Silver Tin | Black Gardenia | the white dahlia

Our silver tin is the perfect size for traveling AND when the wax is gone reuse it as an adorable trinket holder.

February Fragrance of The Month | Black Gardenia | the white dahlia
February Fragrance of The Month | Black Gardenia | the white dahlia

Which is your favorite? We would love to know!

Photos By: The White Dahlia 

Fragrance of the Month: January 2014

This month we chose our Persimmon and White Tea fragrance from our Fairfax & King Collection by Found Goods Market! The entire Fairfax & King line is made from recycled glass which gives it the perfect rustic, eco friendly vibe.

Persimmon & White Tea | the white dahlia

This fragrance is a combination of persimmon, grapefruit, lime and white jasmine which combined is sweet, soft, fresh and clean; everything you hope from a new year!

Persimmon & White Tea

Persimmon & White Tea | the white dahlia

Available in:

  1. Recycled Glass Tumbler ($38): Comes beautifully packaged in a real wood box with a hand applied red wax stamp. Burns for 80+ hours. (Most value)
  2. 3- wick Recycled Glass Bowl ($28): This glass bowl is made of recycled glass and finished off with a hand applied red wax stamp. Burns for 40+ hours. (Our most popular size!)
  3. Soap bar with Shea Butter ($12): We hear nothing but amazing things about this Soap Bar with Shea Butter! Our customers love it, we love it and you will too! Use it in the kitchen or bathroom as hand soap or in the shower for your whole body
  4. Recycled Glass Diffuser ($39): A diffuser is perfect for the person who wants the fresh smelling room, without the fear of a flame. Made of recycled glass, these diffusers give the perfect rustic feel. Diffusers last for over 6 months and work perfect anywhere!

Persimmon & White Tea | the white dahlia

Photos by: The White Dahlia 

A New Year

happy new year | the white dahlia

WOW! We are so humbled and grateful for the way our small online floral boutique, The White Dahlia,  has grown in the past year and we are so excited for this upcoming year. We are SO eager to continue our growth as a full service florist specializing in weddings and events, a home decor line that is practical and sustainable and to continue providing our online and local customers with premium soy based candle lines.

A special thank you to our customers, followers and subscribers that make all the hard work COMPLETELY worth it!

– The White Dahlia

Some New Years pins we LOVE:

tassel decor | the white dahlia gold and silver tassels

new year table| the white dahlia such a cute table setting idea

bubbly bar | the white dahlia hello bubbly bar! LOVE this idea

party hat | the white dahlia a party hat is a MUST!

pop fizz clink | the white dahlia CHEERS!

* all photos obtained on pinterest.

Fragrance of The Month: December

Fragrance of The Month | the white dahliaFragrance of The Month | the white dahliaWhat scents remind you of December? Hot Chocolate ? Cinnamon Sticks ? Peppermint Candy Canes ? Maybe its a combination of everything! Our December Fragrance of The Month is a new seasonal scent to crave…

Reserve Collection | the white dahlia

Wild Currant is a devine mix of Currant, Jasmine Blossoms and Oranges –  that surprisingly go perfect for the holiday! Plus, our line of Aspen Bay Reserve Collection candles burn slowly and give off more fragrance than any other candle on the market. Try this seasonal fragrance for yourself, or get it as a gift, but make sure you get it before its gone!

Silver Tin | the white dahlia Teardrop Votive | the white dahlia

Tumbler | the white dahlia

Signature Jar | the white dahlia

Fragrance Available in:
Reserve Silver Tin: This ornate little tin can be reused as a trinket carrier. Burns for 30+ hours.
Reserve Teardrop Glass Votive: A unique teardrop mercury votive burns for over 25 hours.
Reserve Tumbler: This boxed tumbler is a simple, classic design that works well in any room. Burns for 40+ hours.
Reserve Signature Jar (best value): These 20oz recycled glass containers burn for over 80 hours!

Our Holiday Gift Guide: Your No-Fuss One Stop Shop!

We’re here to make your holiday shopping E-A-S-Y! Check out our holiday gift guide – all of our favorite things for you to gift to all your favorite people.
holiday gift guide | the white dahlia

Here’s a list of all of our great gift ideas for EVERYONE on your list!

IN-LAWS: Chevron Estate Doormat – We love this doormat so much. The vibrant green tones really pop! The size fits perfectly in sliding or French doorways.
NEIGHBORS: Herb Garden Printed Dishtowels – These dishtowels are 100% cotton, sold as a set of 3. A great gift! (one of our bestsellers)
SISTER: Reserve Signature Jar – These jars are made of recycled glass and burn for over 80 hours! She’ll LOVE our Fire fragrance.
GRANDPARENTS: Tin Planter Trio – These adorable little planters come in three various sizes with chalkboards attached, great for labeling herbs, food or flowers!
SELFIE: Reserve Teardrop Glass Votive – Well Duh! Of course we have to get our selfies a little something! This Reserve Collection Teardrop Votive by Aspen Bay Candles is pure gorgeousness. Get it in the Black Gardenia fragrance.
PARENTS: Iron Votive Candelabra – Your parents deserve something AMAZING, right! This Iron Votive Candelabra is crafted beautifully and will make a statement in any room.
TEACHER: Teal Stoneware Birds – We think these make the perfect teacher gift. Desk decor + adorable paper weight!
BROTHER: Fairfax & King 3-Wick Glass Bowl – This 3-wick glass bowl is made of recycled glass and is finished with a hand-applied rubber stamp. Try the Black Pepper and Amber fragrance, it will remind him of his favorite cologne.
BESTIE: Square Stoneware Frame – The perfect gift for your bestie! Pop in a picture of you and her (or them!) and its an instant nightstand keepsake.

Unique Holiday | the white dahlia

1. Rubber Dragonfly Doormat $22
2. Fairfax & King Soap Bar w Shea Butter $12
3. Teal Stoneware Birds $18
4. Iron Votive Candelabra $150
5. Round Stoneware Frame $18
6. Reserve Signature Jar $28
7. Geometric Diamond Doormat $28

Fragrance of The Month: November

One of our favorite things about our Fairfax & King Collection by Found Goods Market is the down home rustic feel it gives you, exactly the same cozy feeling you get with the fall holiday. These candles are an all natural soy blend wax  that is highly fragranced with florals, fruits, greens and spices. We chose our Monticello Pomegrante fragrance because its airy and sweet with the essence of pomegranate, lemongrass, rose and tart grapefruit! (YUM!) Totally perfect for Thanksgiving (Hello, hostess gift?! – We think so).  

Overview Of NOV FOM

Our Monticello Pomegranate fragrance is available in our Recycled Glass Reed Diffuser, Boxed Tumbler, Soap Bar (with Shea Butter) + 3-Wick Bowl.

Screen shot 2012-12-27 at 9.59.16 PM FOMboxedtumbler FKSoapMP FOM3wickbowl

Our Fairfax & King Collection draws its inspiration from the nation’s oldest apothecary. These recycled glass vessels are finished off with a wax seal and tastefully packaged in natural materials A.K.A they’re eco-friendly! The candles and diffuser are PERFECT for any room in the house i.e bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and we love using the soap in the kitchen and bathroom for hands or use it in the shower for your whole body!

Available on our website http://www.thewhitedahlia.net

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