Reuse: Candle Containers

Reuse: Candle Glass Containers | the white dahlia

One of our favorite things to do with our burned out candle containers is to reuse and repurpose them for almost anything! Today, were going to show you some of our favorite ways to repurpose these candle containers, using the candles from our collection online!

Reuse: Candle Glass Containers | the white dahlia

We love reusing these beauties as simple yet interested floral vases! They each look absolutely stunning and hold there own unique story.

Reuse: Fairfax & King Tumbler | the white dahlia
Reuse: Shot Glass Votive | the white dahlia
Reuse: Mercury Teardrop | the white dahlia

Okay, we know what you’re thinking. You’re already up to your waist in floral vases. Well, you can repurpose these candle containers for so many other uses around the house too. Hello, bathroom decor!

Reuse: Mercury Teardrop | the white dahlia


Fill the empty container with cotton balls and q-tips for gorgeous and unique bathroom decor! We are obsessing over that Mercury Teardrop Votive filled with q-tips!

So what do you do?

Supplies | The White Dahlia

The Supplies:

Frozen Candle
Kitchen Knife
Tea Towel (for grip)


Place finished candle in the freezer for 4-6 hours, until frozen, overnight is best.
Once frozen, use your tea towel to grip the candle and use the kitchen knife as leverage to “pop” the unused wax out of the candle container. (Make sure the wax and container are completely hard and frozen)
Wash and dry your container and Voila! You are ready you reuse your candle containers!

Will you be trying this super easy way to repurpose your candle containers? You can shop our collection online to get the exact looks shown above! Leave us a comment letting us know how it goes!

Photos By: The White Dahlia


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